Arcadia Lake Trail

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The Spring Creek Multi-Use Trail opened Thanksgiving Day, 2017 with a formal dedication in Spring 2018. The 2.5 mile long pathway runs west from Spring Creek Park at Arcadia Lake to I-35. The eighteen foot wide trail has dedicated lanes for both cycling and running/walking.

To access the trail, residents can enter Spring Creek Park on 15th Street, but will not be charged a fee if only accessing the trail. A designated parking area and trail-head is also available at Integris Medical Center.

Coming soon, the trail will receive a new trail-head at Fox Lake Trail on the west side of I-35. The trail will also connect to the proposed future Arcadia Lake Trail that will loop around the lake. The eighteen mile long Arcadia Lake Trail will be privately funded and does not have a current timeline for construction.

Spring Creek Trail Map

Arcadia Lake Multiple-Use Trail

The multiple use trail, the one most often used, is approximately 6.5 miles one way from the Park Office, which is located at 9000 East 2nd Street, to Spring Creek Park, which is located at 7200 South East 15th Street. The Arcadia Lake multiple-use trail was designed to be used by mountain bikers, though hikers, cross-country runners, and nature walkers, also use the trail. This multiple-use trail is a single dirt track with added bridges and water crossings. During the rainy seasons some parts of the trail can be impassable.

Numerous signs are located throughout the multiple-use trail indicating direction. These signs also designate the main and alternate trails. These trails eventually connect and end at the trail- heads. A white arrow indicates the main trails, and a yellow arrow indicates alternate trails or routes.

A twisting and winding trail, the Multiple-Use Trail is used for any season of the year, especially during the winter. During the summer, the best time to ride is after some rain, due to some sandy areas of the trail. This trail is accessible in the following Parks:

  • Central State Park
  • Edmond Park
  • Spring Creek Park

Arcadia Lake Multiple-Use Trail Map

Arcadia Lake Equestrian Trail

Made especially for horseback riding and nothing else, this six-mile trail is graced with beautiful mature trees, wildlife, and soft breezes. The parking lot is situated in the middle of the trail so riders can roam in whichever direction they like.

Annual passes for this trail can be purchased at the Park Office or any fee collection station. The Equestrian Trail is open sunup to sundown and is accessible from the Equestrian Parking Site located south of 33rd on Air Depot. Trailer parking is available at this location.

Use of the Equestrian Trail costs $4 per day / person.

Equestrian Trail Map

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